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looking for Duke 3D Hi Res Source Port

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hay guys I've been feeling nastalgic to play duke 3d as of late, and with the release of the new game around the corner I thought I'd give the atomic edition another run. So I got it running on dosbox. but now I need a source port to up the resolution. I also noticed a lot of distortion when moving around quickly and there's periodic short pauses. I'm not interested in poly models and fancy quake lighting. I just want to play the game with sharper graphics and freelook would be awesome too.

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Another vote for EDuke32. To be honest, it's one of two Duke3D source ports I've ever heard of, the other being the "Doomsday of Duke3D".

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Finally got around to downloading and installing the patch and it worked like a charm. beat the first episode last night and it brought back a lot of memories, Damn FPS were alot faster those days.

any advise for Redneck Rampage and Blood source ports?

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