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Phobia: GZDoom compatibility

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I've tried for years to play Phobia but Legacy has given me nothing but problems.

Has anyone ever made headway on getting this to run gzdoom?

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Phobia? I'll have to look into that one... I've heard of PsychoPhobia, which is only GZDoom compatible.

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This WAD depends a lot on some Legacyisms that it won't ever work well in GZDoom.

The biggest show stopper is the lighting. Legacy's dynamic lighting code is such an utter mess that to this day I have been unable to recreate anything of it.

There's also some issues with some missing collision detection checks in the FraggleScript code. GZDoom's FS code is inherited from an old Eternity version which fixed quite a few bugs in it which Legacy never did and thanks to that some parts of this mod don't work.

It's officially declared 'not compatible'.

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