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Doombuilder 2 Crash.

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What up forum!
I have a question for those of you who use DB2 also.
Whilst sailing along in editing a map, I had a wonderful surprise! It seems I had discovered a way to make a new monster called the BSOD! And what a frightful beast it was. Jokes aside, this is the first occurrence of this since I installed W7 on my PC. I suspect DB2 was either the cause or had something to do with the problem because DB2 was one of the applications I had open at the time of the crash. To be specific I had Firefox, DB2 , and Outlook open at the same time. Now when I start editing a map in Linedefs mode I noticed that one of the fans in my computer starts to increase speed.
So to sum this up, will the size of the map, or # of nodes, lines etc. cause this crash? And what is it about Linedefs mode that (for me anyway) seems to be hogging a resource. GPU perchance?
So,I appreciate links to resources that I have not thought of (due to the lack of my technical jargon)that will provide detailed info.
Thank you for your help in this matter.

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As far as I know from experience DB2 only crashes when you have a lot of sectors, you then select them all, edit sectors and try and place them all elsewhere.

Also another crash is when trying to make sectors by overlapping them, that can be frsutrating when it crashes. Similarly clicking 'undo' a few times makes it crash sometimes too.

I have no idea what it is that your crash refers too, and choosing the regular zennode on a big map will collapse some sectors when you enter a certain amount.

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Alphawolf said:

Similarly clicking 'undo' a few times makes it crash sometimes too.

Thanks Alpha.
I also have had the undo button cause a crash of DB2, but never have I had the Blue Screen Of Death because of it. I suspect that it must be overlapping sectors as you suggest. I had a single Verticy that was referencing a pasted sector that I had deleted. Looking back on what happened, after I had restarted my computer is when I noticed this little issue while trying to build some walls. So I'm guessing that this is the culprit.
Thanks again.

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Hey no problem, one way around the undo crash is to save before you start doing it. I always wondered why when I place a sector over another sector it doesn't make the sector OR it makes a glitched sector. I found out that its because on the very small scale the verticies sometimes don't connect, and when you make a sector and it flashes both sectors THEN connect the un-connected linedefs and vertices it crashes.

So if you're ever pasting sectors hope that comes in handy for you ;)

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Trying not to get carried away with mapping and not saving its tough at times. Undo-undo-undo-undo-crash. Shite.

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