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My E4M8

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My map.
It has some errors but with a few changes, it'll work.
I need to know how to make it that when you kill the spider demon, it ends the level in BOOM.

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skib said:

I need to know how to make it that when you kill the spider demon, it ends the level in BOOM.

Like this.

That link is a tweaked version of your map; I used a scroller and a voodoo doll to end the map after killing the spiderdemon. I also took the liberty of fixing the HOMs, and flipping the linedefs on your doors.

The map still has a lot of problems, not the least of which being its lack of E4-style (probably not actually a big deal), and general lack of anything interesting or challenging. I assume it's one of your first, so I guess that's to be expected.

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A tutorial on map-making in general, or just on the features that I used to end the map? I'm sure you could use both in some way or another, so here are a few links that might be helpful:

These pages list several tutorials, though not all are aimed at Boom-compatible maps:

More specifically, this series of pages has helped me refresh my Boom knowledge from time to time, and most of what I used in the edit to your map (scrolling sectors, voodoo dolls) can be accessed here:

To explain what I did more fully, the basics are as follows:

-On E4M8, killing the last spiderdemon causes any sectors tagged '666' to lower to the floor.
-Placing two 'Player 1 start' things in the map results in one of them becoming a 'dummy' or 'voodoo doll'. This voodoo doll is directly tied to the real player, as it can activate walkover linedef triggers, and killing it willl result in the player dying as well.
-With Boom, you can set a sector to scroll and carry the actors within it in a certain direction.

-With this knowledge, I created an inaccessable rectangular dummy sector northeast of the rest of your map. I put the voodoo doll at one end of the rectangle, and a walkover line trigger that ends the map at the other end.
-I added a raised platform between the voodoo doll and the exit trigger, and gave the raised platform the '666' tag so that it would lower when the spiderdemon is killed. Until then, it blocks the doll from reaching the line trigger.
-I set both the dummy sector, and the raised platform within it, to scroll toward the end with the exit trigger.

-When the player kills the spider, the platform separating the doll and the exit line lowers, letting the scroll effect carry the doll across the line. As it does so (a few seconds after the monster dies) the map ends as if the player had stepped over the line themselves.

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I read about one page of that DB tutorial years ago. When I started I opened up other maps and see how someone else made something. Which linedefs and sectors were tagged with what and how they interconnected, thing placements and such will be shown on a working map.

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