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I need some help. (Can not write English. I translate my text from Swedish to English on google translate)

I want to change the lua files but do not know how to do. I have many ideas but can not do anything because I have not learned how to change the lua files. I want begin with the following:

I want change so generator can use more texture than the texture that exist in wad and PK3. I want to extend texture.pk3 with more texture. I know how to do it but I do not know how to change the lua files so that the generator should be able to use these new texture;

I want to change the lua so that the generator should be able to create very big levels;

I want to add new monsters, but do not know where in the lua file I should make changes.

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This might help you :


I would imagine that you already downloaded and looked at the source code.

Also, about two years ago, Mr. Chris made an add-on about adding random monsters from the REALM667 beastiary. He may still have that on his harddrive.
However, that may have been added into the latest Oblige.

[edit again]
Ah, I found the relevant post. It's about one third down this thread.

In any case, andrewj and/or Mr. Chris could give you specific pointers.

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That is outdated and there is a much more up to date version on the Oblige forums.

@A: Check the forums for something called "Awesomeness for 3.57", right here

@B: I think using "Large" option already creates very large levels, if you want them to last even longer, change the "Keys/switches" in the Level Control to "Some" or even "Heaps", but making the levels more challenging is setting Windows, Sub-Rooms, Fences to Heaps as well, tho making Scenics to Some or Heaps gives more detail like large lakes/waterfall stuff that the program can add areas to create atmosphere.

@C: Check this for the ultimate in v3 custom content. Both the stuff changed in A can be used in conjunction with C for the ultimate Oblige v3 experience.

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