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Post your favourite instrumental music here! [or anything without vocals]

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The Ride of the Valkyries, by Richard Wagner, in a classic recording with Wilhelm Furtwangler and the Vienna Philharmonic.

Van Halen II - Spanish Fly

Santana - Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock 1969)

EDIT: yt links removed

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I've been listening more and more to instrumental music for just over a year now. I'm becoming a big fan of various genres.

Couch - Zwei Streifen Im Blau

Ratatat - Kennedy

Bonobo - Recurring

Mos Def - Auditorium (Instrumental) [I really like this track on its own]

RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke

That's my dump for now. I would love to post a shit ton more but I'll restrain for now and keep investigating the tracks in this thread (liking a lot of what I'm hearing :D )

EDIT - There's also this stuff from some artist I've never heard of. You've probably never heard of him either but that's ok cause he kinda sucks anyhow

EDIT 2 - I realized I also wanted to post this one as well. That is all.

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I lost interest in guitar a while ago and moved onto bass, but these two are still my favorite instrumental musicians.

Joes Satriani: Redshift Riders

Steve Vai: Bad Horsie

I also get a big boner for Funk

Primus: Tippi Toes (The Meters cover)

The Meters: Funky Miracle

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There's a lot of instrumental stuff that I like (although I find that most of the techno stuff in this thread so far gives me a headache), but for now, I second ManCannon's mention of Joe Satriani.

A lot of his extended live stuff is quite nice:

The part where he plays with his mouth is kind of cool looking.

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Whenever I listen to this accoustic, shivers run down my spine, very mystical, emotional and pure at the same time. Very inspiring for when I'm (trying to atleast) mapping for Heretic.

Also I'm very tempted to post the Heretic / Hexen soundtrack, but since everyone here has already heard them I wont. :)

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls

(there are no words/vocals/vocal samples in the actual song)
skip to 1'30" for the start of the song basically.
kinda bad quality and it's not the full song.

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Here are a couple great pieces.

Really catchy, technical modern prog-metal band (no metal in this track tho):

Very eerie and emotional intro to one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

Awesome post-metal (they call themselves space metal) instrumental:

Really awesome progressive sludge metal track (not a lot of sludge on this track in particular though, but the band can kick some ass). The bass is a real highlight here too:

Can't have an instrumental music thread without this one:

And what the hell is this thread without Warm Hands in Cold Fog:

There are plenty more instrumental tracks that I love, but this is a good start.

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