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Doom64Ex on LAN

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Feedback thread here

after an hour or two trying to play LAN with my brother using the experimental multiplayer function in Doom64 EX i'v decided to make a tutorial on it

to play LAN with doom64 EX its quite simple, the address didn't work for me and my bro so i did a different approach

first of all i went to my network status dialog

Control panel > network connections > local connection - right click and view status > click support tab

then i checked the local ip given by the router

then i went to the launcher of doom64 EX clicking the netgame checkbox and setting the options for the game and server option

when the blackscreen comes up saying its waiting for players, don't press anything until you connect the other computer to the one hosting

on the other computer
click launcher and select client on the launcher program, don't forget to check the netgame checkbox.
using the ip address you got from your local connection enter it in the ip address textarea

and start the game, it should connect to host computer , the host may now press a button and play a LAN game

sorry if anything seems funny to understand, english is not my main langauge. Hopefully this will help playing with a friend! ^^

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