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Anyone remember the old mod, Thrust? DarkFang and co were working on it sometime around 1998-99, you know, back when DW looked like this There was a public beta, a remake of Q2 Base1. I remember there were some features in the engine that even to this day I haven't seen replicated. The spectre effect as a wall texture for instance. Does it still exist somewhere on the internet, or is it dust in the wind?

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I remember it. Wasn't there some type of lizard thing that was your ally? I also vaguely remember a railgun weapon with an absurd number of frames. Ah, the good ole' days when every mod had to have it's own custom executable...

I certainly don't have it anymore. I would be sad if it's lost; feels like a part of history (albeit a very insignificant one) vanished.

EDIT: Amazingly, the homepage is still around. There's a link on the News page to a "THRUST prebeta version 0.24" but the link is dead. Apparently the files were hosted here on Doomworld? I don't see Thrust under the abandoned projects, though.

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