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Got my Pen and Tablet today!

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Whoopidy doo right? Well I kind of feel the same about it. I have been wanting one for the longest time now and was excited to test it out. As of right now, eh. So I thought to myself is what if I ask folks here in the forum (people who use a tablet), what their opinions where, and of the pro's and cons of using a tablet. Aside from a graphics manipulation interface, does it really serve any other purpose that makes it worth the whole Franklin I spent to get it? I have 14 days to try it out before I own it permanently and I hope to have made a fruitful decision by that time. With of course, the great and always sound advice that I have received thus far from the forum.

This is similar to the one that I now have. Does size matter?

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The computer I have is a tablet laptop thing, and so the stylus interacts with the screen directly rather than with a pad. It works quite well but of course it's a different dynamic to be drawing on the screen versus on a pad. I had a pad a long time ago which never worked that well, but I imagine the technology would've improved somewhat in the last 13 years or whatever.

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