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Music import issues

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Okay, I have created a PWAD that has MP3 as the music format but there is one baffling issue I have with the first couple of songs...The first or second songs do not repeat BUT go to the next song (E1M1 goes to E1M2, E1M2 goes to E1M3) and it is annoying if I go play Doom or even record an LP using this.

The Doom 2 version of the music WAD does not have this issue, any ideas what might be doing this?

Oh yea, I am using a Skulltag development version also...I think I had the same problem with 0.97b too.

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Is there an extra definition in the mapinfo? I don't know about this this is just theory but perhaps something is telling it to play the next track as it would go to a next level...

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