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New Vanilla WAD - Spire Complex

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PrBoom/PrBoom+ is probably one of the (if not the) main ports of choice on Doomworld, so you'll have a solid audience for whatever you're doing. Most of the people who don't use PrBoom will use something that is generally compatible with it anyway.

DeHackEd will work for Ultimate Doom, yes.

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phobosdeimos1 said:

Ok thanks very much i'm glad to hear it, I've only just discovered PrBoom and it seems amazing, i'll google PrBoom+, not sure what that is.

PrBoom+ is essentially the currently developed branch of PrBoom. It started as a fork created by Andrey Budko for his own TAS speedruns, but soon started acquiring many extra [optional] features useful for general play and recording/playback, and a lot of bugfixes and compatibility improvements (some of which found their way back into regular PrBoom).

So basically it is the version to use unless for some reason you can't get it to work on your system. Often when people refer to "PrBoom" they actually mean PrBoom+.

But I'm a little curious what you mean when you say "for PrBoom". Do you mean the wad is intended to work with any Boom-compatible port? Will it actually use Boom features at all?

Does it require limits extended beyond those of Boom? Will it use MBF features? Will it use features beyond that, such as hi-resolution textures, etc.? Because if it doesn't do at least some of those things, then it should work with a wide variety of ports.

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Nope, essentially i'm just making a Vanilla WAD, I know this is cheeky and will probably get moved but quick question, do you know how to Print screen in PrBoom? (for Wadsinprogress)

EDIT: DW found it

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I think the screenshot key is bound to PrntSc/SysReq by default, but I'm not sure. You should be able to set it to whatever you like in the 'Keybindings' section of the options menu.

And if you're just making a straight vanilla map, then it would be better classified as 'vanilla' or 'limit-removing', rather than 'for PrBoom'.

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