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Doom DOSBox: HELP2 Error

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Yeah, looks like you answered your own question in the video. Stop running the Ultimate Doom IWAD with the shareware executable. Or just don't try to access the help screen.

If you can't find the .exe that comes with Ultimate Doom (even in the CD versions that install with Doom95, the DOS executables are sometimes still hidden on the disk), you could try using a source port like Chocolate Doom, among others.

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I left a comment on your video explaining why it happens. If you're interested, you can also check out the code in Chocolate Doom that emulates this behaviour. If you're not a programmer don't expect it to all make perfect sense, but you should be able to follow the basic logic at least.

You can emulate this behaviour with Chocolate Doom with:

chocolate-doom -iwad doom1.wad -gameversion ultimate
There are several other subtle differences between the different versions.

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