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Good Weapon Packs?

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Just wondering if anybody knows some good weapon mods out there? I have been playing with rusarsR.wad that adds some modern day weapons (semi-auto shotties and full auto handguns with extended clips).

So far this and Real Guns Hardcore are the only weapon mods i found, any other good ones out there?

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Psychic, Zero Tolerance, and WildWeasel's later stuff like Stranger and Diaz is pretty good. "Zharkov goes to the store" is funny and well done. Beautiful Doom revamps the standard weapons. If you have EDGE, Immoral conduct\GunsPC\WW-cash\any of Chronoteeth's mods are good.

There are mods with their own weapons like Zen Dynamics and Don's challenge(also for EDGE).

EDIT:Duducrazy's guns 3 is pretty good, and Bomb_x is amusing. Tainted Decorum is worth playing for the Minigun alone.

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Shooting Monsters With Guns is a pretty fun weapon mod. The link to the latest version might be dead though because DRDTeam's uploader site is dead at the moment or something. The links to the older versions might still work though.

There was also a version of that mod that uses the default Doom weapons, but I can't seem to find the link to that mod.

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Yeah i forgot about Brutal Doom, i still think the F button is the best thing in the mod.

Thanks for the suggestions, got a lot of mods to try now.

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Zero Tolerance is very good, i saw a mapset with the same name so maybe it goes together with the weapons mod? It's a very polished mod.

Psycho was a bit weird, i liked the handguns and the sawn of shotty (he added a motion blur animatyion to it) but i could only find a public beta version of the mod so maybe there is a more complete one out there, gonna try out Wildweasel's mods now.

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None of them

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Doom weapons in Heretic is pretty cool, i like playing Real Guns Hardcore with Heretic but you need to cheat to get ammo eventually, hopefully he works on it more.

It's just really fun to fight sorcery with guns, it clashes but in a good way.

Gonna check out Rsl's mods now.


playing she-redux, used bouncing bullet gun...

bullet hit wall, ninja rebound hit explosive barrel, explosive barrel flew and hit man, man died violently.....

i have no idea why new stuff gave this such a shitty review, every weapon is really unique and amazingly violent.

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rsl said:

To shamelessly self-promote myself, here are mine:


You should find plenty of styles among them.
Just drop me a line to say what you've liked the most, and the least... :-)

-- RSL

Spent a bit on your mods using IDKFA and there is something to like about each one, some are very unique.

Some of them really require their own maps\episodes but i can see that it would take a lot of work, these are great ideas though.

The shrapnel pistol is my favorite so far, damn that little thing is nasty.

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