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Selling gba DooM 2?

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How about browsing eBay for the same thing in similar condition to get a good idea how much it's worth?

Kind of a "How long is a piece of string?" question :p

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ligisd said:

aaah, sory :P
so. one says 200 and another says 12 bucks...PERFECT -.-'

Pro tip: look at what people buyers are paying and not at what sellers dream to get for it.

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A couple years ago when I went to buy the GBA versions off eBay the going rate for Doom 2 was $20 and Doom was $30. That was just for the cartridges, having the box or instructions adds quite a bit more.

Beware of really low priced ones, especially from Asia, they are likely copies. The $12 one may be real though seeing as how the demand for GBA games has dropped considerably since I bought mine.

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