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Floor scrolling for dummies

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Okay. I have a problem that I couldn't have solved since the Zdoom wiki's instructions seem to differ from the latest ACS. That or I just am a confused newbie.

I'm having trouble making a scrolling floor. I can't get a floor to scroll straight east.

Zdoom wiki instructed me as follows:
script version:
223:Scroll_Floor (tag, x-move, y-move, type)

However, Doom Builder (using the latest ACS) asks for four parameters: (tag, scrollbits, method xmove, ymove).

Where can I put the parameter for the script to scroll both things and the texture and how can I accurately aim the scroll? Whatever I input in the parameters the script seems to have a will of its own and never goes straight in one direction.

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Thanks. I got confused cause my Doom Builder uses different names for the parameters. At least now there's a clear thread on the subject tha is easily found via search :)

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TropicalDeathPunch said:

Quick question, if you can make a sloped floor and added this scrolling effect to it, would it work? Kind of like an escalator? Just a thought.

Yup. Had to test it, got so interested about the idea. It makes a pretty cool effect :)

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