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Rage and Tear!

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lupinx-Kassman said:

They need to finish this silly game so that they can work on their next Hovertank title already.

Another 5 years to go, eh? I'm getting too old for this

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I'm teased! The casserole slingshot looks like doo-doo, but for the rest of it - sweet. Best trailer for Rage I've seen so far. Vehicle air control looks like it could make the driving more arcadey. Might even pre-order for that first-level IDKFA...

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Snarboo said:

It's a sign of the times when one of the preorder bonuses is exclusive sewer levels. I wonder what Old Man Murray would have to say about this.

It's not 1997 anymore. In the late 1990s FPS overused sewer levels, so after 2000 every FPS tried to avoid sewer settings. Now ten years later sewer levels are fresh again.

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Not really. They were a few years ago, but like tetz said, they're more fresh now.

Well, the sewers part anyway.

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