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Monster's POV?

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script 21 (void)
delay(35); // A little delay to give the player time to fall
fadeto(100,0,0,0.7,0.0000001); // Demon's vision should be darker and red
changecamera(20,0,0); // Demon TID 20
changecamera(0,0,1); // Back to the player's POV

I have a area in my map I've trying to create this effect for. The player falls through a shaft and activates this script at the same time. Around the time when the player hits the lower floor, the camera should change to a demon's point of view and for a brief moment the player can see himself with the eyes of the demon charging at him.

Otherwise this effect has worked beautifully, but when using the demon as a camera thing the camera hugs the floor when the effect is in use. Is there a way to get the camera to view a bit higher so it wouldn't look that you are looking at the game from a caterpillar's point of view instead of a large demon?

Sorry, I don't know how to change the color palette to a correct one in my paint shop pro. This is what the effect looks like now. As you can see, the camera is ridiculously low. Any ways to raise it?

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you can make a DECORATE replacement with a adjusted cameraheight (the default is 0)

ACTOR NewDemon : Demon Replaces Demon
  CameraHeight 56

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