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Does Budokai 2 worth the money?

Does it worth the money?  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. Does it worth the money?

    • Yes, you can enjoy a fun experience
    • No, this game doesn\\\'t worth
    • I don\\\'t know the game so just buy it!

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If you don't know about the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series for PS2 then this is not for you.

I used to be a Dragon Ball Z fan, so I bought Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and I was amazed for a long time, playing it always on PS2. Well I'm still a fan of these games. Once I bought Infinite world, it was great but still, it feels as Budokai 3 with upgrades. It wasn't that much different.

One day I was watching videos on Youtube discovering older games. After watching Budokai 2, it looked fun, because it had a slightly different system than Budokai 3. It had more than 1 ultimate move (except the dragon rushes ones from Budokai 3), several rushes you can make. And finally it had a new What If? characters.

The bad reviews were about that game had nearly the same system as Budokai 1 has. However this won't be a problem for me because I never played either. Also another cause of the bad reviews that the story mode was just a board game, meeting bad guys and fight them. However a board game could be fun.

What made me the desire is because I finished Budokai 3 and there is nothing else you can finish (excluding the Dragon Arena). And It would be fun to finish something you never played before, also It is good to have prequels and sequels. Plus the new What If? characters.

So I have all the money to buy. I'd love to buy it but it would be a lot better to know from who played it, does it worth the money?

I love taking opinions!

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I think it could be worth the money. I don't believe it to be as expansive as Budokai 3, but it was pretty fun from what I can remember. It definitely had a different story mode than either the first or third one which I liked most about it. For as old as it is though, I don't think I would pay any more than $10 for it.

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Its dragon ball, so, you know, its fighting and not much else.

If you're into it, yeah, sure go ahead.

If skeptical, rent it or wait for it to drop in price. Or buy it, then take it back and tell them it froze.

That last one often doesnt work and gets you in trouble though :C

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It's no Budokai Tenkaichi 3... Then again, no fighting game will ever really be.

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C30N9 said:

Does Budokai 2 worth the money?

C30N9 said:

If you don't about the Dragon Ball Z



On a seperate note my brother used to play Budokai a ton back in the day, so I'd say that was definitely enjoyable. As for the rest of the franchise however I couldn't tell you

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