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Nuclear Central, the worst Doom wad I have played.

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for just experimenting, yeah it could be decent. As a wad for realz, no.

Nice try though.


here was the last one I made :( and a virus took it away. It was my personal best at the time, and it still saddens me to see that work is gone.

and dont comment on my pointing out the slopes, I was excited to see it worked correctly on first try for once.

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Yeah, it's a dumb wad, but it's not the worst I've ever seen...just on account that there are countless equally dumb wads that are the exact same thing. A lot of people think they're funny when they make a bunch of irregular, flat, poorly textured rooms and sardine as many cyberdemons, BFGs and Megaspheres as they can into them, and so wads like that aren't hard to come by.

@yellowmadness: That looks like it was a decent map, I'm sorry it got killed.

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StupidBunny said:

@yellowmadness: That looks like it was a decent map, I'm sorry it got killed.

thanks. Its not something that cant be replaced, hopefully.

I just need to make more.

I'm still growing.

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You know, the author went to great lengths to carefully engineer the gameplay on that map. Cheating only serves to ruin that delicate balance.

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I've seen worse levels than that. Ever play A1.wad? It's literally just a room with a few stairs and flat, unaligned sky textures used for walls.

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neubejiita said:


Here is a video I recorded of this horrible wad. tell me what you think of this abomination.


Its author has allowed it to be used as a base so maybe tune it up? ;o)

Can it be fixed? is one question. Is it worth it? the other.

It is very "Tricks&Traps on steroids" with all the w1-teleport shenanigans.


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It's a bit of compilation of pwad faux pas but as others have said there's worse out there.

What I don't understand about these sorts of maps is why the author would go to the bother of learning the editor and how to make doors, midtextures, teleports, lifts etc then completely negate his work by cramming it with monsters to the point it becomes unplayable.

THING placement is compartatively easy so why not get the novelty of a mass infighting slaughterfest out of your system then remove 90% of those monsters before uploading it to the archives?

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