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Deepsea Simple Sky Question.

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There is only f_sky1 available, the sky shown depends on wich map (episode in UDoom) you're editing.

If you're editing to ZDoom, you can change the sky in MAPINFO lump.

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Thanx Zro that helps,but for example in Alien Vendetta the sky is changed to that orange one in vanilla doom,how would I do that?

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Using Deepsea how do I change say f_sky1 to sky3 e.g.?

f_sky1 is just a placeholder. The actual sky is determined by the game depending on the level name.

Anyway, assuming this is for MAP01, there are 2 ways to change it.

One way is make a new sky BMP, and use F7/Import to import it into your level. Call the lump RSKY1. This replaces the original RSKY1.

Or you can import the new sky BMP, call it anything you want that is not a duplicate lump name and then use the F7/TextureX name edit. Pick SKY1, select EDIT and change the name RSKY1 to your name.

The BMP size should match whatever size you make the SKY. For some ports you can change the height to 240 which looks better with a new BMP to match. Same goes for the width.

Modify above to SKY2/SKY3

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