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This is just sickening...

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DoomUK said:

But are sensationalist news articles really anything new? When I read something in the news I tend to be able to sieve through the writer's style (or lack of) and get a grasp of the story he or she wishes to convey, for better or worse. Whether this is something to be proud of, I leave up to you.

Once upon a time, news was just about reporting fact, raw and untainted by emotion. Or at least that's what I hear (never saw it in my lifetime).

The problem with introducting emotion is that it can be used to sway the opinion of the population at large, who as a general rule isn't skeptical enough of what they watch or read in the news. They are easy to mislead and control, a flaw that the government/megacorps exploit to the fullest.

(I'd write more but enough was already said in the thread about John Gatto and the american public school system's effect...)

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