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The Ultimate DooMer

[Releases] old & new stuff

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So I decided to go on an update spree with all of my wads...but also decided to throw in some new ones too, hence the thread:

Operation: Lightning - co-op fixes and some visual clues in one map. (the new id is cos it got moved into the archive's vanilla section)
Fragport - co-op fixes, alignments and pistol start modifications. (ditto with the new id)
Shadowcaster - co-op fixes, one major fix to correct a ZDoom issue and minor improvements.
007: Licence to Spell DooM - 3D bridge fixes and minor stuff.
Super Sonic DooM - many fixes throughout, some tweaks and improvements as well.
Serpent: Resurrection - some fixes, many tweaks and improvements which can be found in the changelog here.

Serpent: Resurrection (RPG mod) - A standalone version of the RPG system, works with Hexen/Deathkings and any suitable pwad. Details here.
Serpent: Resurrection (weapons mod) - Just the weapons, likewise it will work with any Hexen iwad/pwad. Details here.
Autosave - A little utility wad that autosaves after any interval you choose. A cure for those of you who keep forgetting to save :p

This thread is also a place to announce my retirement from mapping. Basically I've decided to chill out and actually play stuff instead of making it, as well as trying something else for doing creative stuff (namely music). I won't rule out doing stuff for community projects and playtesting etc. but no more solo projects. (I did have some ideas for a planet-hopping sci-fi/dark future type adventure, but I've decided it's not worth it)

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Whoa, I didn't know you had so many releases. Nice to see people who've made a ton of contributions towards such an old game. :)

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Thus, nominally, ends a distinguished mapping career. I appreciate your work over time. The interesting and novel things you tried were certainly an inspiration.

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Just took a few minutes to try the RPG system for Hexen - brilliant idea - professional execution - as always! Thanks!

BTW Is it possible to make the RPG system for heretic? I mean, the same way it's made for hexen (with class selection, shops etc)?
As for the technical and legal issues I see it this way:
hexen.wad as iwad
heretic.wad as pwad
rpg system as second pwad

So only the owners of both Hexen and Heretic could play it. Also this would require to marge all the episodes into single one (to allow player unbroken leveling).

Just imagine the non-stop Heretic action with RPG elements! :D

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