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Plutonia Revisited demos [-complevel 4]

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I'm not very original since I love maps 32 but I had to do it.

Map 32 UV Speed time 2:29

Easier than I thought, and NM100 is also possible but requires some luck.


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Yay, my first uploaded demo!

but still room for improvement to sub 3:00 I think.

I used Zahid's route..

Plutonia revisited community project



map10 uv max 3:14

complevel 4 skill 4

source port : glboom



Edited by doomaddict82

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@doomaddict82 This thread is used by andy to announce weekly releases and for people to discuss issues related to dsda. Demos are posted in specific threads. The one you need is here: 


Dew or another mod will move your post, so don't worry about it, but keep it in mind for next time.

Threads are listed here (along with other information you might find useful): 

Also, please use zip for your files.

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Oops. My bad.. First time I uploaded a file, I will remember it for the next time! :) @kraflab

(all fixed) 

Edited by doomaddict82

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[another fraud demo. actually maybe not, but it sucked anyway.]

Edited by Aquasa : whoops...

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MAP01 UV-Tyson 9:36.46


My goal was under 10 minutes, and thank god I'll succeeded in that, because I'm not playing Tyson in this shit again.

I suck at punching arachnotrons (and everything else if you watch the demo) so I quickly gave up after that one successful punch and shot them with the pistol instead.

Thanks to you for that demo, I didn't know about the second berserk with the megaarmor until I watched your run.

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