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Manipulating who executed the script?

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I'm trying to make a section in my map that includes a large nuclear reactor of some sort. The trick is to avoid shooting the reactor, as this results in total nuclear meltdown and vaporizing the player.

The concretical results of the script are explosions spawning around the reactor, earthquake and vision fading to green. The code is below.

script 36 (void)
acs_execute(38,2); // The explosion spawning script that loops and damages the activator of the script regularly. 
The idea is to create a horrifying death, the activator mustn't survive a nuclear meltdown.
I also tried to make the script executable by monsters. This way the player would have to do everything he can to protect the reactors as the monsters can also shoot it. Otherwise this works beautifully, but when a monster activates the script the reqular activator damage and the vision fading don't affect the player. If being activated by a monster, the player can survive the reactor explosion.

Any thoughts on how to get around this and make all the effects of the script affect the player. regardless who fired the projectile to hit the reactor?

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