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Avoozl said:

Had a haircut a few days ago but didn't bother to shave the beard

Good, because it's Noshavember!

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I recently got new glasses and contacts.

Here's what I look like with my contacts on:

The picture here shows me with my glasses on without my contacts.

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Hellbent said:


I want that wig.

Well at least I hope it's a wig.

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Memfis said:

What's that sign on your cap? :)

This sign have a name as "Blue Sky with a White Sun", it actually represents:

1. KMT(Kuomintang): This is the largest party of "Republic of China", before 1949 in Mainland China, and now in Taiwan).

2. National emblem of ROC(Before 1949 in Mainland China and now in Taiwan)

This sign can be seen everywhere in Taiwan, especially Zhongzheng District(Taipei) which most government departments located. I bought this cap last month 10th October, since I celebrate the National Day. If you learn Chinese history, you may have a chance to learn about this symbol. Here are some references:

Wikipedia article about this symbol:

Official website of KMT: http://www.kmt.org.tw/english/index.aspx

Wikipedia article of KMT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuomintang

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Janizdreg said:

Being possessed by demonic tentacle food is fun, trust me. I speak from experience.

WTF are those in your nose... noodles? o_O

yukib1t said:

Taken one morning about a week ago.

I dig your hair.

darkreaver said:


This picture is really cool for being so monotone.

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Belial said:

In the middle.

Hmm, just realised my mental image of you was in fact jallamann.

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