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55 minutes ago, Ed said:

For the record, Santa insisted I sit on his lap. I want to believe some Christmas magic was in play when I requested Doom 3: Phobos.



Holy shit I'm just getting news that mod came out yesterday.  Seems like that was out of nowhere?

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Wow I'm sorry to hear that arobase; my most sincere thoughts go out to you and your family, but I suppose trying to keep it light that is a great pic :) and good reminder for you of the good memories, which is really helpful when death is recent and ones emotions are in shock. It sounds like she lived a good life and had a good impact on the world teaching our future :)

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14 minutes ago, arobase said:

So, my mom died yesterday. (I'm okay, just got a lot of things to do.)

My condolences man...and at least you got a cool pic of that time :)

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Arobase, that's a great pic! And as others have said above, my sincerest condolences go out to you and your family.

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Finally met @Dime at agdq 2 day ago.


It was an awesome time. He is such a humble person whose spirit is nothing short of positive.


After hanging out with him for a few hours, and having burritos, i think i can actually call him a friend.


Ty for your time, Dime, and thank you for the company. Much appreciated, and much love. 


Until next time, keep on killing it in hell. We'll meet again someday.


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On 1/12/2019 at 3:37 PM, Mr. Meanor said:

having burritos

I want too! Ok, and now I'm hungry.


Was just sitting on the floor.


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