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20 hours ago, nxGangGirl said:

Here's my totally "creative" steam punk costume

Very cool, you remind me of lucca for chrono trigger :-)

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On 11/12/2017 at 3:21 PM, years said:

Here's me. See if you recognise my little friend on my arm!

It's... your elbow?

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40 minutes ago, Major Arlene said:

happy Thanksgiving!


Awe ur so pretty!! <3 digging the skulls too!


And happy thanksgiving to you and the rest of Doomworld!!

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Amid past year, I've decided to become a self-proclaimed mascot for present year.Template.png.e2aa5d1af58dfc2d2ce1db0415d0e128.png
Not if it got to any avail as for having only 37 days left, but still happy as sh1t.


The fun fact behind this picture was that on January 1st, I wanted to flood all my FB friends' feed with captioned versions reading "This is a prime year, so this is all that your feed is gonna have.", also commenting another caption saying "Told ya. :P" Sadly, FB mechanisms were changed ever since, so only the very last activity would be displayed. I had no other option but to cancel posting all 2017 separate copies right after checking it at the 113th one. :'C


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Heres me when I was 12. It was my profile picture from 2016 - 2017 until I changed it to a more updated image which is the one I use now.5a1aeea46a520_GrimosaurProfilePicNoice..jpg.4943b0fafdf69fed9dfe32a6c09957e3.jpg

Before you ask, that is my natural face. I just look so much different now after puberty kicked in.

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Actually, scratch that last one, this is >actually< 20171229_223838.jpg.01e41535aab3ba6aebf42dc17246f697.jpgme.


I know I look like the ultimate edGRiMOSAUR2018ANDYWARHOL.png.a07b9f103d1f2a9b55f56516ba21e0a2.pnggelord here but I was just posing to get a cool shot for my new profile picture.

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9 minutes ago, Fonze said:

Lewd shadow 10/10

Well, it seems that not only me being evil in thinking that shadow :D

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