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slippery surfaces

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In an old thread in CC4 forum (which was deleted since my map was killed by a virus), someone told me how to do slippery surfaces for ice or other materials like that (which my map uses plenty of.)

The effect would certainly help in some cases, and I can perhaps make challendges with it.

I dont remember quite how to acheive the effect, however, if any one can tell me again, thanks in advanced.

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1. Set the control line to action 223, and give it the same tag as teh sector you want to affect friction upon.

2. Set the length of the control line appropriately to indicate the friction. If the line is > 100 units, the friction will be reduced, and if it's < 100 units, the friction is increased.

3. Set the generalized sector action to use friction (or just give it action special '256' if you don't know how to use Boom's generalized actions).

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