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Viscra Maelstrom

State of Limbo

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So yes, it was some time (read: several months) now since my last poem here. I've made a bunch of poems these past weeks, so here, have my latest one.

State of Limbo

In a state of limbo
Unable to shut down
Unable to even care

They say
That I should shut down
Shut down my mind
Going into so called "sleep"

But I don't care
And I don't see the point

Right now, all that matters
Is the stagnation
Of this state of limbo
Where creativity flows by

As this place shuts down
I remain active
Working in the darkest nights
Absorbing all this
Total peace and quiet
As everyone else
Is off dreaming this away

Unable to shut down
Unable to even care

And that's the way it should be

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I think this poem suffers from the same pitfalls of your last one, it's so interested in sounding like a poem that it forgets content altogether.

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I can sort of see the point: the poem's about being in an apathetic state of limbo, so the poem itself doesn't really go anywhere. But I don't really share the poet's atrophy of the spirit, so it doesn't really leave much impression.

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