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doom3 & co. overview

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Guys, can you help me out making an overview of what FirstPersonShooter-Products are in development and what are the best and newest products available in stores at the moment ?

I only know some basic games:

In development, coming 2002/2003:

Doom 3 =)
Quake 4
Unreal 2
C&C Renegade (?)

Available FPS in Stores using latest engines:

Serious Sam 2

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Isn't C&C Renegade already out?
Anyway, I think Jedi Knight 2 classifies as an FPS and it's NOT out yet so there's an addition to your list.

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These are the games I'm personally gagging for:

Duke Nukem Forever - Sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, almost six years in development now. Quite a few people I know are already convinced it will "SuX0r", mainly because it uses the dated Unreal Tournament engine. Unsurprisingly, these are mainly 12-year old Counter-Strike whores (no offense). I personally think this will rock ass... If it's released this year.

Soldier of Fortune II : Double Helix - Uses the Quake 3 engine, keeps the gory violence of the original SOF and just looks brilliant.

Doom 3 - Oh fucking yes.

Quake 4, Unreal 2, Unreal Tournament 2 and the like sound like good ideas but I haven't seen enough of them to comment on them.

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this year look like the brightest year of FPS.my wanted list is SOF2 JK2 UT2.i just have heard lots of good things about C&C renegade.i gonna look at its review before picking it up.(Renegade will be out Feb 26 th)

Also DNF-last year E3 movie was very impressive.hope it will be "done" sometime this year.

i'm not hoping DOOM3 to be release this year.i want id to take their time to prove that they still can make good SP game.

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