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BioShock Doom 2 TC..?

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I love Doom. A LOT. I love being creative with DoomBuilder 2 even more. Now I want to do something more ambitious, as I have a lot of free time on my hands this summer until college starts up again. However, I am dumb when it comes to certain programs working on Vista. I've been thinking about doing some sort of TC for Doom 2 using the ZDoom/Skulltag engine (BioShock seemed like an interesting choice). I wanted to go all out and rip sound effects, weapons, etc. and put them in a wad. But as I said, I can't seem to find any program that will let me do that on Vista. I used to use XWE to implement my own sounds and textures back when I had an ancient PC running windows 98. I had gotten the XWE program off of a compilation disc called D!ZONE 2. Back then, I also used DoomCad. I've looked through the DoomWiki, trying to find programs that might at least open but I can't. Slade won't start up. XWE will open, but cannot open any WAD files due to it freezing after shoving a plethora of error messages in my face. I've read a little about DECORATE editors and whatnot, but I'm too dumb to determine whether or not this sort of editor would allow me to edit the help screen graphics, original sounds and music and whathaveyou. I know there are definitely PWADS still being developed with awesome new graphics and sounds that replace the old Doom stuff, so I guess my question is:

What operating system are YOU developing on, and what sort of Texture/Sound/Music/Wad Merging tool are you using??

(I didn't want to recreate the exact playthrough of BioShock, but more capture the atmosphere, weapons, sounds and splicers. I figure I'd just wing the maps instead of recreating Rapture as a whole because if I wanted to play the exact BioShock, I'd play BioShock.)

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I suppose you're right. It's a great game and I wanted to try and see if it could be done. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes in anyway. I mostly just wanted to know any Doom WAD resource editors that would let me edit Doom's sounds, textures and whatnot and still work on Vista. Bioshock was just a jumping off point. I could always switch the idea up ;-p

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If SLADE3 won't work for you, and XWE freezes, then you could try SLumpEd, though it's not known for its reliability either. SLADE3 runs fine on my Vista machine though, so I'm not sure what the problem is in your case.

I'd consider using DeePsea instead for its lump management features, but it has an interface that's not very friendly, and the main author is kind of a dick. I also have no idea whether it runs on Vista.

DECORATE editors won't help you add custom graphics or sound; rather DECORATE is used to define new actors (ie. monsters, weapons, torches, etc.), and is somewhat similar in principle to DeHackEd, if you know how that works.

I'm not sure what I'd think about a Bioshock TC. I liked JPL's Arcadia demake, but I don't think that the mechanics, weapons, or enemies from Bioshock would work out very well in Doom, nor do I really like the idea of ripping and reusing its resources.

Creating a convincing underwater city environment in (Z)Doom is pretty tough and time-consuming though, which is probably why it's been done so few times. Hell, I've been working on a similar project for years now without much to show for it. The pathetic range of blues available in the Doom palette is also kind of offputting, but I guess that wouldn't be a big deal if you overhauled the palette, or made the project OpenGL-exclusive. But if you feel like doing it, more power to you.

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Ah, well the problem appeared to be that I had a very early version of Slade. After I saw "Slade3" in your post, I searched that on google and got the very latest version of it. Thank you for the help! Apologies for wasting this forum's space.

Also, I can see where you're coming from with the BioShock TC. I never really thought about any of those points you made. I've been making maps for quite a while, but I still think I'm a novice compared to some of the great stuff I've seen. A lot of the Final Doom levels have been my inspiration recently. Great architecture, map flow and an extreme-but-fair difficulty. Thanks again!! Much appreciated!

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esselfortium said:

Careful where you step with that BioShock resource ripping; the game's lead designer is a member of this forum. :P


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