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DEUTEX doesn't work!

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I use the merge command to merge a patch for the shotgun into the IWAD to run with DOOM.EXE but It just crashes when I start! And in ZDoom, nothing happens to the shotgun!

deutex -merge Doom.wad DOOM_PROJECT.WAD
It says that it's patched by I saw no change in either of the wads!

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DeuTex doesn't work that way. You first need to extract DOOM_PROJECT.WAD's contents...

deutex -xtract DOOM_PROJECT.WAD
...then merge that content with Doom.wad (not that I'd recommend you do so).
deutex -merge Doom.wad

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...Yeah. You really shouldn't be patching/modifying Doom.wad for any reason. Use the -file command-line option.

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Not for pwads with sprites.

Chocolate Doom (which is almost identical to .exe in behavior) has a -merge option you can use to directly load the wad. It mimicks the -merge option from deutex, but without having to actually modify any iwads.

Most other source ports don't require the iwad to be patched. They can load sprites and such from pwads via the -file command. So unless you're hellbent on using .exe, there is absolutely no need to modify your iwads.

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