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Got a hankerin' for some cool old stuff! Gold shotgun, etc.

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So before one of my hard drives crashed a while back, I had these pretty cool wads I had found and taken apart and recombined to make my Doom experience all the more awesome. Now I can't find them online!! So does anyone have any idea where I can get the gold super shotgun? Another one I'm looking for is a level that came with a really cool status bar--it was black with red numbers that looked like they were handwritten...really freaking awesome, and I think it came with a space station wad or something. Finally, there was a mod that made the keys look like ankhs both in the status bar and as sprites. Please help me find all of this!! Then maybe I'll put a video on Youtube of my awesome super-customized Dooming. :D

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Okay, update--I found the golden shotgun. It was in Pukos2.wad, and I had extracted it. I love it, because it goes well with enhanced.deh/.wad and with quadgun.deh. Altogether I get a golden double-barreled shotgun which reloads fast, shows shells getting ejected and plays a sound when they hit the floor, fires 4 shells at once and has a max ammo of 52 without the backpack. Works nicely against Darkimps and flying archmage-style arch-viles who only attack--and aggressively! Yes, I like to mix-and-match, but I do it with panache. So please, if anyone knows where I can find the other stuff I'm looking for, I'm all ears! Or, well, eyes...

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Arf! Arf! Grrrrr.....

Nah, okay, I'm cool. Sorry. I'm just passionate about this. I love customization. I feel like Legacy and Doomsday get overlooked a lot when people make wads and hacks. That's why enhanced.wad/.deh makes me so happy. It's like a source port all on its own for how much it changes and how effectively it works. But I digress. Anybody who knows where those wads are, thanks in advance. I think the status bar might have been from a Doom I wad. I also *might* be on the trail of those ankhs...also, if anyone knows of a program for taking sprites from one wad and moving them into another, I would like that knowledge.

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