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Demonfear demos [vanilla or -complevel 2]

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creating a thread in hopes that one day, an admin will move demos from the misc. thread in here.

i was in the mood to make a bunch of sharp, aggressive maxes, but i can only do that with short enough maps and well, there aren't many wads with maps shorter than demonfear.
most of the entries were recorded by people at the start of their "careers", so i found it rather easy to improve the times in the dsda table. i didn't record for all the maps, i found i didn't like some of them and the others i thought either had a decent record already or revved would like to improve himself. :)
i also added a pack of pacifist runs on maps where kimo killed stuff. i have to say his speedruns are improvable though, as he also recorded his pack before he became a uv-speed juggernaut.

quick edit: some of the later maps require dfearfix.wad to play back correctly. it is included in the dsda download.

map01 in 0:46
map02 in 0:36
map03 in 0:58
map04 in 1:02
map07 in 1:17
map09 in 1:15
map11 in 1:10
map13 in 0:51
map15 in 0:55
map17 in 0:55
map18 in 1:13
map19 in 0:29
map21 in 1:14
map23 in 1:41
map27 in 2:12
map28 in 1:54

map01 in 0:07
map02 in 0:13
map03 in 0:22
map05 in 0:18
map06 in 0:15
map07 in 0:23
map09 in 0:10
map11 in 0:23
map13 in 0:22
map14 in 0:23
map17 in 0:08
map21 in 0:31
map24 in 0:13
map27 in 0:35

map04 uv-speed in 0:38
map14 uv-speed TAS in 0:13 (two 20dmg AVjumps)

enjoy. :)


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Great demos as always. You've become quite the UV Max monster. :)

Edit: What happened to your door-blazing moves on some of your demos? You could have easily attained that 30 second improvement on MAP02, for example, with your good door-blazing skills. :)

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perhaps, but the map is too cramped for smooth movement. i'm pressing against the first door in the direction i want the imp inside move so he opens the other door for me. i could've done it with the last door, but i was getting some nasty elastic collisions with the "car" inside. :)

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What a pleasant surprise! Nice job. map13 pacifist was probably the best, lol at chaingunners. :)

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I wanted to create a uv-max demo pack of an entire wad and thought Demonfear's short levels would be ideal. Unfortunately the levels are so short that they felt like they required a lot of luck so I gave up after 5 levels. Still, here they are if you're interested. The aim wasn't to set a new best and the first two level's demos aren't great but I'm happy with maps 3 and 4.

MAP01: 1:00
MAP02: 0:46
MAP03: 0:56
MAP04: 1:06
MAP05: 2:59


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Map05 UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:04


Impse glide. Exact time is 0:04.00, so it should be easy enough to beat for anyone who wants a nice tedious recording session.


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These are remnants of abandoned after past autumn max demopack attempt.



m08 - 0:44 (-0:26)
m09 - 0:55 (-0:16)
m10 - 1:14 (-0:03)
m11 - 0:59 (-0:11)
m12 - 1:37 (-0:48)
m14 - 0:54 (-0:04)
m15 - 0:47 (-0:08)
m16 - 0:36 (-0:09)
m17 - 0:51 (-0:04)
m19 - 0:27 (-0:02)
m31 - 0:52 (-0:07)
m32 - 1:02 (-0:19)



m08 - 0:03.63 (-0:00.17)
m11 - 0:16 (-0:03)
m12 - 0:27 (-0:11)



m09 - 1:32 (-0:50)
m12 - 2:26
m17 - 1:51
m31 - 2:42
m32 - 2:52


(all-in-one zip are at bottom of attachment list)























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