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Letting go of #doom

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No, I haven't been banned. I'm just sick to my stomach by how Arioch and other #doom ops have treated their visitors over the past few months. Arioch banning people for little or no reason. Afterglow banning people for no reason and Arioch letting it stand. Mantra people banning for no reason and Arioch letting it stand. This incident where Napalm was banned for no reason was just the last straw. I'm not going to push away the truth anymore. #doom has got to be the worst-run IRC channel I've ever seen.

I find myself chatting more and more in #zdoom, which I feel is an awesome channel. It now averages probably 80% the number of users as #doom, and 300% the amount of chatter. The only thing it lacks is "Cacodemon," a bot to record channel stats, but I've got bored of that anyway. It's owned by Kurt Kesler, who's just an awesome guy and a great personality, a wonderful member of the Doom community. It's frequented by (in my opinion) the coolest members of the community. Quasar who is wonderful, Serious SoM_ who I love, Fredrik who's a friendly guy, Tarin who doesn't talk much but is also cool, BigD who's a great guy and a great member of the community. Chrozoron who's a nice guy. There are of course many others who I haven't mentioned. It's just a wonderful place. It's such a warm, welcoming environment. And there are no "conversational terrorists" or lamers. Just awesome, friendly people.

Then I look back at #doom. It's a sad place. Big thunderclouds hanging over. Bitterness and distain everywhere. Everyone is in the dumps. By far the biggest cancer in #doom is ARIOCH. No words are passionate enough to describe what I think of him. He's rude. He treats perfecly decent people like scum. He ignores people. If someone ever asks for help he always, without fail, tells them they're stupid idiots and that they should RTFM. And he only gives a shred of respect of decency to people who are equally as abbhorent in their behavior. He hosts sites and files for many community members on his personal server, but I can guarantee that he does it purely for the feeling of control and power over others.

A have a few more bones to pick. AFTERGLOW, you are almost equally as sad a person. You kick me for having a peaceful conversation when it has nothing to do with you. You kick me when I've been idling for hours. You say things about me which are simply not true and I think it's pathetic. I'm maybe the only regular in #doom who never made a joke about your mom, ever. I don't know what happened to you, but I don't care to find out. You are a cancer.

AURIKAN, you left a couple of months ago, and believe me, I couldn't be happier to see you go. You were a terrible cancer, and a horrible person. I thought maybe you had come back to #doom with a nick and personality change. If so, it was certainly an improvement. I really don't know what's wrong with you, man. I'm just glad you never came back.

MANTRA, I don't know what your @#$)#*@)( problem is with me. You've been kicking me around and name-calling me for no reason ever since day one. For absolutely no reason whatsoever. Maybe you're compensating for something. I don't really care what the reason is. All I know is you're a troll, and that Arioch is accomplice to a troll for allowing your ridiculous behavior.

I guess that's all. Banning your core membership is a surefire way to kill an IRC channel. I (and maybe others) will have the last laugh when #zdoom is full of great laughs and friendly people and great times, and #doom is nothing but a few prick ops who drove everyone else away, and a couple of non-ops who don't care.

I have now left #doom for greener fields. /me hugs everyone in #zdoom.

P.S.: Arioch will most display his cowardice and guilt by post hecking this thread and banning me from the forums, but you can see a copy of this message at http://doomworld.com/andrewb/abandoning#doom.txt

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And in #zdoom, we actually talk about doom once in a while... and yes it's on openprojects

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Huh... Sounds like me and the unprovoked attack from Fyrestorm the instant he received ops. That was on the 24th of December. I haven't been in there since.

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[12:11:40] <BigBadGangsta> When I'm banned and when I get back, I don't ask questions


every single day, you ask me to ask the ops why you were banned and to unban you.

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