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+ cool


FDA of me playing the game like it's the first time I see a computer.

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Grain of Salt said:

Is it strange that when I saw a thread by gggmork called "crapmap" my first reaction was "awesome!"...?

No. This was my first thought as well. :)

And gggmork, I love the OP. I lol'd.

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I've actually played it now, and it's excellent. I love the "fffart" style, and I'm glad you're still doing it.

It was semi-pacifist for me until the SSG/RL, but that's mainly because I suck with the normal shotgun. The last few fights were spectacular. Great use of the spider masterminds.

There was a HOM (or something like that) at the exit. Apart from that, no problems.

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Thanks for the demos y'all (@j4rio nice mancubus punch kill bonus. @armoredblood Ha ha, you finally beat it, nice perseverance. I loled when you rocketet your face off, happens to me all the time @phml after the first careful attempt you mostly played slaughter-fast style without patience or redoing stuff that you already did carefully in the first run. That's exactly what kills me in 90% of fdas. Its often just too boring and repetitive to play careful multiple times in an fda for me. After doing so many uvmaxes, it becomes habit to just hit switches and realease enemies etc as fast as possible).

6:25 uvmax on crapmap (my version) after lots of attempts:

5:09 first exit uvmax on deathbringers crapmap:

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