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pr-boom+ CRBRICK not found?

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I've been having this problem for a very long time now. When I load doom2.wad in prboom plus or glboom plus I get the error message: "W_GetNumForName: CRBRICK not found". This only happens with doom2.wad and not plutonia.wad, tnt.wad etc. When I play pwads I have to use plutonia as Iwad and that causes some trouble sometimes with missing textures etc.

I can't stand ignoring this issue anymore. What's wrong? Do I have to be more specific? :/


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The most likely cause of that cryptic error message was when (old versions of) the engine couldn't find their internal data wad (which you get with the engine itself)

On windows the data wad is usually in the same directory as the engine exe, on linux in some standard place like /usr/share/games/doom. Your IWADs are wherever you put them, but it's usually best if they're in the same place as the data wad.

Without knowing how your files are organised and how you are running the game (command line parameters you're using etc.) we can't say much more. Also the engine's version number would be interesting.

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I have the latest(?) version of prboom.

When I play normal I doubleklick the glboom-plus.exe and then choose Iwad and then pwad. ALL of the wads are present in the prboom folder. The CRBRICK problem is only with doom2.wad.

When I use a batchfile to record demos the same thing occurs if I type "-iwad doom2.wad"

A funny fact is that this problem just appeared out of nowhere. One day prboom just wanted to piss me off.

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