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Eternity updated; Vaporware not vaporware

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The Eternity Engine has been updated to version 3.40.10: Aasgard, featuring numerous performance and usability updates as well as improved ACS compatibility and other modding features. (Long demo names are now allowed, too!)

To coincide with the engine update, a single-map preview of the long-in-development map pack Vaporware has been released, featuring one playable and complete map from the project, Cargo Transfer by Esselfortium.

Head over to the Eternity subforum to download the "Blue Box" package containing both the Eternity Engine update and the Vaporware demo, and have fun!

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That was the best designed level I've ever played.

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Post comments here or in Eternity thread?

Anyway, I played the level it is fun. Music is great. Great job Esel. The engine is turning out great as well.

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