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(FIXED) Serious problem with my Dehacked bosses Hitpoints

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Right, first off this is a really frustrating problem as I was going to release my WAD today,

it's called spire complex and it needs a dehacked file for boss situations and text strings,

everything works/worked until now-

I have a last boss replacing the lost soul, which only uses new States that i've created, they all work perfectly. I changed the Hit points to 4000 whilst testing the boss, and it was fine and worked perfectly, all ready to place as the last boss.

Today, i finished the last map, added in the boss,

for some reason, the bosses hit points appear right in the dehacked file, both in the seperate patch file and the text file embedded in the WAD, YET the boss now takes very little to kill, i.e 1 super shotgun shot, no matter what it's hitpoints are.

Also, i'm quite experienced with Whacked2 and know what i'm doing, so it's probably not a school boy error.

Anyone have an idea what's wrong? Bear in mind the boss took alot to kill yesterday, and I haven't changed anything about it today

This is frustrating as it has to be killed to complete the level.

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This sounds like the engine isn't applying the patch (or part of it; maybe it's bombing out or something). You mention you have both an internal and external patch. Do the hit points in each match up (without any typos or such)? If they do, is the rest of the patch identical? If they are, is it only the lost soul's hit points that aren't modified? What about, say, bit flags or speed? Are you using the right actor?

If you're running a port with a console, open the console after the game starts and look for any errors or warnings after parsing the DeHackEd patch. Also what port are you testing with and does the patch use Boom extensions? More info, sir! More info!

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Hey pal thanks for the reply, you've given me alot to think about, i'm not on the PC anymore, i'll go back on and check every idea you've given, it does have Boom extentions, as it's in the Boom configuration

Ideally i'd like it to work best with PrBoom+,

i've been playtesting with the WAD and bex file on Zdoom and Prboom+,

Once i've investigated more and can't find anything wrong in the places you suggested, I'll have to upload the file if you wanna take a look,

I may be back on the pc in a bit so i'll re-reply once i've looked again

EDIT: Ah excellent, guess what? It was a school boy error :P
While I was making the death states, the actually 'Fall' state was always followed by the pain state, causing any time it was in pain to die.

awesome, thanks for your suggestions though, glad you were ready to help

now the wad shall be released :D

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