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Complete Eternal DOOM MIDI Soundtrack Released

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After almost a decade and a half, Team Eternal's complete Eternal DOOM MIDI Soundtrack (containing all of the revamped original MIDI files) has been publicly released. The archive contains the complete original MIDI soundtrack that was composed by Rich "Weeds" Nagel for Team Eternal's "Eternal DOOM" back in 1996 through 1997. Also included in the archive are several bonus MIDI files, images, and other miscellaneous Eternal DOOM and Eternal DOOM Soundtrack related material. More information about the soundtrack can be found at Rich's site. Downloads can be found at the usual DOOM related FTP and web sites.

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Eternal Doom still takes the crown for best composed music in an add-on ever. How weird as only a few days ago I redownloaded it to listen to the soundtrack.

5/5 and full of win. Great work!

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Thanks Guys, glad y'all liked it :)

GhostlyDeath said:

The DOOMin Live XG MIDI is pretty nice sounding, despite only having XG Lite (YPT-320).

I prolly should have mentioned (or rather, forgot to mention):

For folks who don't have any Yamaha XG compatible hardware (or the Yamaha S-YXG50 software synthesizer installed) -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjA8KXjz_4I , MP3 is here -> http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/Weeds_Music/DOOMin_Live.mp3 :)

BTW (although not DOOM related), here's another "XG-ified" tune of mine -> http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/Weeds_Music/Black_and_White_Live.mp3 (another of my very few rock type pieces).

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Tormentor667 said:

Someone volunteering converting the midis to mp3s using a nice soundfont? :P

Hehe, check the readme. Simply snag my own custom SoundFont (mentioned in the readme), and then use either the freeware media player XMPlay (with it's MIDI Plugin installed), or the BASSMIDI Driver mentioned in the readme :) (The BASSMIDI Driver is extremely easy to install and set up)

In actuality, I had recorded many of the ED tunes years ago and uploaded them to the long-since gone Action Games Forum on CompuServe. I had always planned on taking the MIDI files from this released pack (slightly "remastered" ones of the actual original versions from 96-97), re-recording them to MP3s from my MIDI hardware, and then uploading them to my web site.

Never got around to that though, especially when I was on a miserable dialup connection, but my recent boradband might prompt me to go ahead and do it.

Nevertheless though, with either XMPlay or the BASSMIDI Driver and my SoundFont, you'll be fairly closely hearing what I hear. True EMU based MIDI hardware will always sound better than a softsynth, but those two are damned close :)

Katamori said:

Nice pack! These music are utilizable in other WADs?

Although I have a fairly "scary" sounding EULA in the released pack <grin>, using them would be fine with me... as long as you add a blurb in your readme for your WAD giving me credit (and explaining where they originally came from, "Eternal DOOM"), and a link to my web site would be appreciated :)

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Oops, nothing to see here.

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gemini09 said:

Come on, man... You should be done by now!!! :)

LOL! Ain't that the truth!!

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We hope you get around to it :)

Not for us, but we feel that if somebody sets a goal for themselves, they should take pride in reaching that goal

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Porsche Monty said:

I can't believe I missed this thread. These mids are a class act. Thanks a lot of sharing :)

Yer welcome, and thanks... glad you liked 'em! :)

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