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Reckoning of Armageddon: Deathmatch map pack1 :HotFixed:

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:Reckoning of Armageddon:
A great deal of time and work went into this file, so here's some basic info.
It is Deathmatch only and built with Boom, so it needs a limit removing engine. There are ten maps, and all are mine, as are the custom graphics.


NOTE: I did a HOTFIX of two maps because of unseen errors that i didn't find until later

Download link here!: http://www.mediafire.com/?chqcc3d4yoy0c49

HotFix link here!: http://www.mediafire.com/?b2jak3uuaujgnq0

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Really cool name... awesome looking screenshots that look old school as fuck and manage to be haunting at the same time... not a single player pack? :(

Guess I'll go through this with bots at some point, hehe.

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The name interpeeled me and I found it curious.. Screenshots are nice, the textures of doom2 are used well, and spaces seem to be very opened.

I am going to download the wadd to see that, oh and I also like the HUD, very classic and sober :)

edit, I tested your wad, (without bots on the other hand) I noticed some bugs of textures, but most bothering is this one,linedef 541 (unknown texture) in the map09. I think that this wad is of quality, shall it's a pity be that to keep this bug :)

I don't know how that looks gameplay, but starts players with the ssg is more appreciated, because I noticed that there is that only one ssg on every map, maybe not sufficient. The plasmagun can be to replace by a bfg on some maps, I think. As for example the map05 and the map06, (the plasmagun is more useful in corridors, but much less effective in halls) The bfg will be excellent by playing with pillars. :)

However, I like the layout of maps, great interconnection, some maps must be interesting to play in TDM, 2 vs 2, to see maybe 3 vs 3, I also think that there is 2 or 3 maps susceptible to be to play in duel,I shall like to see this wad in a zdaemon or skulltag server ^^ good job man!

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Map09 had a small sector error that I fixed, so I probably made the two unknown textures, but I kept them because they were amusing how they came up. "Missing texture G, Missing texture I" besides it doesn't directly harm play any,
I left the bfg out because some are large areas, and I figured the plasma gun was a better choice, I will look into this further, and as for the shotgun starts, I understand where you're coming from there.
There was a map i really liked for Skulltag, and it had shotgun starts, this I liked tbh, because you didn't start with heavy fire power all the time, you had to look for it and make strategies on the maps you played instead of "start, get ssg, kill" making for some interesting play, besides, some maps have 2 ssgs to compensate a little for the way the maps were actually built, map08 and map10 for example, there were 2 ssgs ready for use.
I am glad you liked these maps, some of them do work better on different modes but it all comes back to a good old FFA.
Thanks a lot. ^^

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