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GZDoom wall scaling

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I'm working on a level for GZDoom in UDMF format, and I want to know how to scale wall textures. I'm able to do it to floors by custom properties, but it isn't on the custom properties table for walls.

BTW,I'm ususing Doom Builder.

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Check in the custom sidedef properties (that is, the front/back side of the line, not just the line itself). If it still doesn't appear, you might have an outdated config.

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Revision 1366 - Directory Listing
Modified Thu Sep 2 20:42:00 2010 UTC (7 months, 4 weeks ago) by codeimp

Updated UDMF fields in ZDoom game configurations

Revision 1365 - Directory Listing
Modified Thu Sep 2 18:45:26 2010 UTC (8 months ago) by codeimp

@ Updated ZDoom UDMF specifications
@ Improved UDMF test map (slopes, 3d floors, colored lighting)

There are newer versions if you don't mind using SVN builds

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