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Removing the Player's Weapons?

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I've looked through these forums and couldn't find quite what I was looking for. I am wondering if there is a way to remove the Player's weapons (except for the Fist) at the beginning of a campaign I am creating. I am developing my campaign to be primarily played on the Skulltag/zDoom engine. Any scripting or something I could do?

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Yes. The example on this page should work for you.

You could also see here for another ACS function that can take away items more precisely.

[You could also inherit a new actor from the player class, setting it to start with only the fist. This would probably be more work for you, though, and it would put the player in a bad position each time they respawn.]

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You can also turn the player into a zombie (by using in-game voodoo magic), and presto, you'll make him unarmed... and looking like an ambulant raw hamburger.

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