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Hangar IV: Experimental E1M1 remake.

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This is a experimental map that I have started 3 days ago for Zdoom. It is an attemp to mix both newschool and oldschool mapping concepts.
What I am trying here, is to make rooms and corridors with abstract non-90° shapes, but still, decorating it in a realistic way, with benches, tables, metal shelves, etc.
Player can choose between linear gameplay (rushing to the exit) or non-linear gameplay (finding the Red Key to open the Control Tower's door, and find the switch that opens the Hangar gates, to go outside and search for secrets).
I don't usied overdetail. I wanted to keep everything simple. This somewhat implies in realism. (Why would UAC like to put over 1000 computer terminals in a single corridor like in Kdizd?)


I tried to make this map based in the intermission pic's hangar. Here are some points of reference:


I Just made it to have fun, but, if many people like it, maybe I will make a E1M2 remake on the same style.
PS: This is a E1M1 remake, but you need Doom 2 to play it.
PS2: This map uses OpenGL features, like 3D floors and Dynamic Lights, but they don't interfere in gameplay if you are playing in software mode.

Music: Hangarmageddon by EvilHorde.
The Aircraft textures were made by Espi.

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I played it and enjoyed it a lot. It'd be cool if you made e1m2. I had a couple missing textures though. One was actually shown on your second screenshot. The black wall on the right of the picture is missing for me. The wall in front of the player start...the one that's supposed to be broken if you try using the switch...that's also missing. I played using gzDoom. Overall though, it looked very well put together.

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Pretty cool! The first time, I ran out of shells, so things got a little bit complicated, but I managed to finish it anyway. On the second run, I went searching for the secrets, and used the pistol more to save shells.

Anyway, really fun, well made map. A whole E1 style remake would be awesome.

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Finally got around to playing this. Overall, I rather liked it. Despite being an homage to the original DOOM, it kind of reminded me more of TNT, with how it blended the winding level layout of a classic DOOM map with more realistic details. TNT's Map19 (Shipping/Respawning) and Map23 (Lunar Mining Project) were good examples of this style. The E1M1 remix music was too loud and intense for my tastes, seeming better suited to a slaughter map than something with more low-key action like this level, but otherwise, I enjoyed it.

I'd love to see you try an E2 map in this style. Trying to mix the techbase and Hell themes together and producing something semi-realistic would be most intriguing.

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I'll have to check this out once I get time...and I can probably make music for it if you want. ;-) Screenies look nice!

Just played through it on Easy. Very nice! Blows KDiZD out of the water :P And I agree that the music is a bit loud. Also, I noticed that outside in the landing area, the pillar next to the ladder acts as a ladder. However, once can get stuck up top. Might wanna get rid of that. :P

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