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Found a HOM when looking through the bars after going up the lift.

The HOM doesn't effect anything. But yeah, great ending. Hella Caught me off guard lol :) really felt like e2 map. Really maze like. Drops threw me off here and there, but good ol' fun, DH85.

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It's not too bad, theres a bit of combat, however ammo is short near the end.
Not bad at all.

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gggmork said:

I don't have doom1.

get freedoom and replace all sprites and most of the textures with those from doom2.

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Or alternatively spend the few bucks it actually takes to buy the game on Steam. At least then you're giving a little something back to the creative gaming geniuses that brought us Doom in the first plae.

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Processingcontrol said:

Wow, this really scared the shit of me. :O

But now I have go and put on a new pair of pants. :|

Did your Gamer Diapers leak again?

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