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Skulltag Server Hosting

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Hey I wasnt sure where to post this at, but this forum seems appropriate. I am using an open wireless network as well as my friend. Of course open wireless doesnt use a static IP and I cannot host a server on skulltag. We are trying to play a specific wad.

Can someone please tell me my options here or any way that we can get someone to perhaps host it for us?

Thanks in advance

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You can start servers on Oblacek. It has a fixed list of wads available, but you can request to add new wads here.

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i know this is probably an obvious questions, but can zdaemon play skulltag designed levels? What about gzdoom designed levels?....
Oblacek will only allow you to host custom zdaemon servers and I just want to play a specific wad with a friend of mine. we have been trying for days and have had no luck...
my options here are very limited but surely there is SOME way that we can get this wad hosted on a server to play together.

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