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Rotating Lights

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Is it possible in Doom in hexen format to have a rotating light? For instance if we had a 500x500 room with a circular set of line defs in the middle to rotate around 360 degrees so that consecutively parts of the room would light up,

Or would you need an army of sectors around the room to be synchronised?

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If the sectors look something like this:

... then you can use the 3 phased lighting sector specials to make the ceiling/floor "rotate" their light levels in sequential order. It doesn't have to be a circle, the outer shape can be whatever you want it to, as long as you started off with a larger sector and split it in the same way. Typically you'd have some light structure in the center.

If you want to add something like this to a room that's already been detailed, you're going to have to split the room up into even more sectors, give each "pie slice" a tag, and use some potentially tricky ACS to pull it off. You might give the sector specials a shot, but I think they're pretty picky about what adjacent sectors you have.

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