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Additional Themes for Oblige 3.57

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Has anyone created any additional themes for Oblige 3.57? I'm getting tired of tech, urban, and hell, and I know there are people on this board who have worked with Oblige. Something based around texture packs from Realm 667 (for instance) would be thrilling, but even a new theme based on the existing textures (a la Slige's special "blue" theme) would be a nice change.

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Speaking of my awesomeness added linked to, I am waiting for an official version of v4 so I can reimplement the Skulltag texture themes so it can work. I did make one for an earlier version of v3 (3.4x or earlier) but over the development as new stuff was added, it broke my theme addon so I am just gonna wait or someone else can edit the sktag_theme.wip so it can function with 3.57 properly.

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