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Removing enemy item drops?

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I've looked through the zDoom Wiki, and I can't find a script that would remove the ability of monsters (such as the zombieman, zombie sergeant, etc.) to drop items. Help??

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j_dickerson09 said:

Awesome, thank ya! Would you know where I would put this under? Like under inside the MAPINFO, or does it really matter?

What WAD editor are you using? If you're using SLADE,

make a new entry and call it DECORATE , then press edit as text and copy and paste what I wrote in, see if it works, if not there's another way to do it

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phobosdeimos1 said:

I think it's done like this:

ACTOR ZombieMan 3004
DropItem "None"

That won't work.

This should:

ACTOR ZombiemanNoDrop : Zombieman replaces Zombieman
  DropItem "None"
The mistakes you made are 1. reusing the name of an existing actor (which provokes a conflict) and 2. forgot to define the actor's properties (so it has no states at all).

This is corrected by giving it a unique new name (ZombiemanNoDrop), and using inheritance to make it a clone of the normal zombieman.

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