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Things unable to call their codepointers

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I've noticed that in certain situations, codepointers will have no effect. For example, nothing seems to happen at the very first frames, so if I have to initialize something (thing variables, counters), I need to add a dummy frame of duration 1 at the start of spawnstate, THEN go to the initialization frames. Also, some things, probably special effects, won't do anything if I give them codepointers. For example, blood splats or BFG ray intercept flashes will never do anything special if I give them Explode or Detonate.

Why and what other situations exist?

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OK. Now what about things on which certain codepointers just won't work. For example, if I turn the BFG flashes into archvile flames, and make them call Explode every now and then, they WILL make fire crackling noises, but will NOT cause damage.

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